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Is Nightfall Good Or Bad For Health?

This is a valid question with a still more valid answer. It is wrong to categorize nightfall or nocturnal emissions as good or bad. Nocturnal emissions occur mostly in young man as a part of growing though it could be frustrating at times. Usually it does not occur as a man grows up though it is wrong to say that it does not occur in older men. It would be right to say that wet dreams or nocturnal emissions is quite common in young men; the problem and harmful effects to health taking place only when it occurs more frequently. An occasional nightfall is the just body’s mechanism of disposing off the excess sperms.

Nightfall TreatmentNightfall in men when frequent causes various harmful effects. Excessive and frequent wet dreams in men make the nerves around the reproductive system weak. This is due to the weakening of the link between the nerves that connect the reproductive organs to the brain. This poor connectivity between the nerves of the reproductive organs and the brain brings about a failure to ejaculate properly. This failure to ejaculate that is an important part of the reproductive function of the male leads to failure in lovemaking and to satisfy one’s spouse in bed. Again nightfall brings about fatigue that leads to problem of lethargy, low libido, and lesser sensation around the genital region. This leads to the man having serious implications on health and virility. You can try out nightfall treatment.

It is also significant to note that frequent nightfall in men strains the reproductive system and makes it harder to replenish the reproductive fluid. The reproductive organs are only able to produce lesser testosterone that leads to indifference in the man for proper erection, lovemaking and performance with partner in bed. This leads to problems in fertility and virility. True it is right to say that the lower volume of semen produced leads to thin semen that comes out in drops. This leads to lower fertility of the man as a result of frequent nightfall in men.

Frequent nightfall is harmful even psychologically and mentally; it leads to disturbed sleep, a feeling of guilt, poor confidence, irritability, stress, poor concentration, slow mental abilities and weak memory. How very true it is that weakness as a result of nightfall also includes poor energy, low stamina and reducing strength are other episodes of weakness like low muscular strength, metabolism, purification of blood and energy production; this takes place as a result of depletion of nutrient and vital minerals like zinc. This depletion in the production of zinc as a result of nightfall in men leads to poor liver functioning that leads to low muscular strength, metabolism, and purification of blood and energy production.

Nightfall in men that is frequent is bad as we already saw; it can be eliminated by herbs; semen discharge in urine treatment like No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules work wonders. They should be taken for a period of 3 to 4 months; in case the problem continues they can be continued for a period of 6 months. Their consumption within a short period leads to improved vitality and vigor and higher energy levels and a healthy reproductive system.


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