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Nightfall In Men – Myths And Facts That Every Man Should Know

Nightfall or occurrence of spontaneous and involuntary organisms, most commonly in adolescent boys and girls causes embarrassment, discomfort and a feeling of confusion and guilt. Adolescents hesitate to ask their parents and may end up asking their peers where there is a likelihood of getting incomplete and wrong information.

Here are few myths about nightfall that every man should know:

Nightfall in men is wrong and abnormal: There is nothing wrong or abnormal about nightfall; it is a normal part of growing up and becomes rarer as a male grows up. Rare nightfall in men is not harmful and one need not feel guilty. Nightfall is just spontaneous tendency to empty the reservoir of sperms in adolescents.

Nightfall TreatmentNightfall occurs only in males: This is one of the myths about nightfall; the fact is even females could have a spontaneous orgasm in sleep without being aware of it as their vagina just gets wet and lubricated. Men may wake up from sleep due to increased wetness.

Nightfall in men is a sign of illness: This is a myth that most people have; however it is a natural process that occurs in most men and women unless it occurs very frequently. Nightfall with high frequency can affect the sexual and mental health of the male or female. You can try out nightfall treatment.

Nightfall can make you weak: One of the favorite myths about nightfall; actually nightfall occur when there is absence of sex or masturbation to release the sperms and it is a natural way to remove the excess sperms from the testicular sac. However having excessive and frequent nightfall can decrease the immunity of the person.

Nightfall in men can lead to reduced sperm count: This applies to only increased and frequent nightfall in men; it is a popular feared myth and nightfall does not reduce sperm count. It is a natural body mechanism to throw out the overflowing content from testicular sac and induce the regular formation of healthy sperms.

Nightfall reduces male organ size: One of the popular myths about nightfall; nightfall does not shrink the male organ. The truth is that there is nothing that can increase or decrease the size of the male organ; also sexual health does not depend on the size of the male organ.

It is best that we get over the myths about nightfall and look for semen discharge in urine treatment in the form of No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules; they are cure for nightfall in men.

No Fall capsules increase the strength of the nerves and enables the male to gain control while ejaculation thereby improving lovemaking. It also improves the fertility of the male by improving the quantity and quality of the semen. Maha Rasayan capsules help promote the energy level and stamina and help in secretion of healthy hormones. These capsules helps to enhance the health and endurance of tissues of male organ and other parts of the body, cures weak, soft and slow erections to provide powerful and stronger erections and good performance in bed. Both these capsules should be taken consistently for 3 to 4 months to get good results; for a recurrent problem they should be continued for 6 months.


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