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What Are The Reasons For Frequent Semen Leakage In Men?

Semen leakage mostly occurs at night as a result of sexual arousal consciously or unconsciously. There could be various reasons for semen leakage like problems of the nerve, prostrate issues, injury and old age. They could also result out of reaction to certain prescription medicines. Here are certain reasons for the problem, with some requiring expert advice.

Semen leakage that occurs frequently during sleep is quite common among adolescent boys; it is a normal part of a young adult’s development and is something of a practice or warm up. Usually most men outgrow these sorts of emissions in their mid 20’s, but there is a reason for concern if it is frequent and needs the advice of a specialist. One of the reasons for semen leakage even during the day time could be sexual arousal; the man could have thoughts about sex or about someone who is sexually attractive. This is quite common in the young, and there is nothing to feel embarrassed as it is usually not a medical problem.

Stop Semen LeakageIt is found that usually this emission may not be semen at all; but a clear, tacky fluid from the tip of the penis that serves to lubricate the shaft and make penetration easier just before sexual lovemaking. However there is a reason to worry if there is frequent semen leakage. The next of the important reasons for semen leakage is certain prescription medicines like antidepressants, mood stabilizers and certain hormone therapies. The effect generally wears out on its own, if it doesn’t get another prescription or switch medicines. You can try out nightfall treatment.

Frequent semen leakage may also be due to weak parasympathetic nerve; leaks could result out of weak nerve endings in the male organ, testicles and prostrate. There could be sperm leakage after urination during bowel movements, or shortly after lovemaking. A weak parasympathetic nerve, one of the reasons for the problem could be caused by genes, injury to the groin, old age, excessive masturbation or sex. It may in some cases require surgery, specialized exercises and stretches to improve control and strength.

Frequent semen leakage could be also due to swollen, enlarged, or infected prostate glands; when it does not function properly semen is released early. Some men have this problem genetically, while others have frequent ejaculation that leads to an overactive prostate. Prostate cancer or growths or cysts anywhere on the gland or along the urinary tract are important reasons for the problem; it is just one of the many conditions for this serious condition that require surgery or other invasive treatments.

This problem can be treated with semen discharge in urine treatment such as No Fall and Maha Rasayan capsules. A natural supplement, No Fall capsule helps to cure reasons for semen leakage; also Maha Rasayan another unique combination of herbs increases stamina, vitality and vigor and helps get rid of issues of seminal and sexual health. These capsules need to be taken consistently for 3 to 4 months; if the problem is recurring it is suggested to be taken for 6 months.


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