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Weakness of the tissues and poor blood circulation to the male reproductive organ signify health issues which can cause infertility. Low sperm count and inability to produce sperm is the major cause for infertility in men as weakness of the sperm to fertilize egg can cause the problem. Injuries to the male organ, obesity, and smoking, poor diet choices, exposure to radiation or toxins, stress, tubal obstructions, varicoceles, chemical medicine abuse and endocrine problems can reduce the capability of the male organ to function normally.

Prevent Semen Discharge

Even certain everyday medicines affect the functions of the organ such as antacids, chemotherapy medicines, blood pressure medicines, antibiotics etc. The problem of varicoceles can reduce the power of the organ as it decreases circulation to the testicular area and causes the formation of abnormal veins around the organ that can affect sperm production and its outflow. With age the body undergoes changes and the flow of testosterone reduces. Herbal cure to prevent semen discharge helps to reduce injuries to tissues and improves constitution of the organ to improve blood circulation and enhance control over the release of fluids from the organ.

Natural cure for semen with urine provided by the combination of Shilajit capsules and NF Cure capsules have immune boosting and antioxidant properties which helps in preventing damage to body cells and improves normal metabolic function. The supplementation with herb such as ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) increases the white blood cells and also helps in easy recovery from damage caused by chemotherapy. The herb extract is recommended by doctors in addition to therapies for improving body constitution.

NF Cure capsules contain a number of herbs including Mucuna Pruriens, which is widely used in the preparation of herbal cure to prevent semen discharge. It is basically an aphrodisiac which can enhance libido and cure male infertility caused by nervous disorders. The herb has neuro protective impact and show the property to scavenge DPPH radicals. The herb to stop semen leakage contains 23 to 35 percent proteins and is considered to be a good source of dietary proteins. It provides digestible source of proteins and is comparable to pulses and beans. The seeds contain linoleic acids which predominantly contains fatty acids. The linoleic acids improves metabolism and helps to reduce blood pressure and prevent constriction of smooth muscles. Hence, it is used as an ingredient in herbal cure to prevent semen discharge.

At tissue level linoleic acids produces prostaglandins like chemicals and the phyto hemagglutinins in the seeds of Mucuna have the ability to agglutinate human erythrocytes. L-dopa from the seeds is used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Study show that intake of seed powder reduces plasma glucose levels and is effective in the management of diabetes.

Parasympathetic nerves play a significant role in relaxing the male reproductive organ and allowing blood to fill the organ. Upon ejaculation the sympathetic nerves prevent semen from getting back to the bladder and parasympathetic nerves cause peristalsis of the muscles or the contraction to forcibly emit semen. Involuntary contraction and excess outflow indicate weakness in the functioning of the nerves which can be prevented by taking herbal cure to prevent semen discharge.


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