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What Causes Sperm Leakage In Urine And How To Cure It Naturally?

Sperm leakage in urine is serious condition which needs immediate attention. It can be damaging to urinary canal and increase chances of bladder infections, pain during erection and ejaculation, and also promotes regular loss of seminal fluids which irritate prostate gland and weaken it. Regular loss of semen with urine lowers semen volume, low semen volume wipes-off male’s pleasure on climax and also lowers his fertility. Causes of sperm leakage are many but major ones are irritated or congested prostate gland generally occurring due to aging, long sitting hours, obesity, autoimmune disorder or malpractices like hand practice and arousal without ejaculation. Weak and sluggish nerves are also responsible for allowing semen to flow out easily on slight pressure applied after urination. There can be other causes of sperm leakage like health conditions, medication, use of tranquilizers, smoking, alcoholism etc.

Semen Leakage RemedyNF Cure and Shilajit capsules in combination provide fast and herbal treatment for semen leakage and cure sperm leakage in urine. These supplements alleviate all the possible causes of sperm leakage and provide recovery from ill-effects of masturbation and excessive eroticism to provide relief. NF Cure and Shilajit capsules rejuvenate male reproductive system and energize nerves. These promote healthy prostate functions and treat inflammation and clear congestion. These are powerful healers and treat damages urinary canal, and remove inflammation to provide complete relief from the problem. Along with treatment of semen loss with urine these supplements re-energize male body by supplementing nutrition and enhance stamina, energy and strength. These cure sperm leakage in urine and also provide a male ability to achieve powerful erections and make love for longer duration with intensity and verve.

Males due to sperm leakage problem suffer with poor fertility and low libido. These supplements by improving vitality and rejuvenating entire reproductive system boost-up sperm production and enhance volume of semen by strengthening prostate gland, these increase level of testosterone and make a male keener and capable lover in bed. NF Cure capsule, semen leakage remedy, comes with herbs which are aphrodisiac and improve nerve functions. These are capable of resolving all sorts of disorders related to male reproductive system and specifically treat involuntary loss of semen of all kinds. These are even wonderful remedies for treating wet dreams and PE.

Shilajit capsules come with Shilajit herb which can enhance male’s all-round health including physical, mental and sexual. This supplement not only cures sperm leakage in urine problem but provide a male renewed vitality, virility and potency naturally and safely. NF Cure and Shilajit capsules together provide an overall improvement of male health without any kind of side effects. These pills composed of all herbal ingredients so they can be taken for longer period of time. You need to follow healthy lifestyle along with consumption of these supplements.


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